Plants take their nutrients from the soil in which they are planted, water is the transport that helps roots extract the necessary elements for their growth and development.

That is why using a good soil is necessary so that your plants always look healthy and well maintained.

We give you a list of some simple tips to take into account to prepare a good substrate, which is what the soil prepared for potted plants is called:

Do not use garden soil for pots because it contains a lot of clay, it is compacted, it has fungi and weeds.
Although the soil mixture must adapt to each type of plant, there are some general elements that we can easily obtain:
Black earth. It is good to sift it with a fine mesh.
Decomposed manure. It can be chickens or cows, it must have dried and then crushed, before mixing with the soil.
Humus. It is composed of remains of other plants, almost always rotten leaves form this layer in the forests.
Limestone. A little bit of mine sand could use the substrate to balance the ph a bit.
Poma stone. We all know those white pebbles in the earth, it is ideal to provide moisture and porosity to the mixture.

The proportions of the mixture vary depending on the plants and their requirements, but the humus and the black garden soil must constitute slightly more than half of the total, without spending three quarters
If we are not sure that the soil used is healthy, powdered charcoal can be added to the mixture, which decreases the chances of infection.

The addition of some brushwood (organic material of plant origin, which drains very well) improves the porosity of any type of soil.

Do not forget that potted plants need to have a drainage pipe, make sure it is always free and not clogged. You can place a small mesh to make sure the soil is not filtered.
If you do not have the facilities to obtain the elements to prepare the land, we invite you to visit us at Tres Marías de Cobán Nursery, where we have for sale land prepared for your plants.

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