There is nothing like reveling in the exquisite and special taste of fruits. And that is only overcome by reaping its fruits yourself. But it is necessary to take into account some tips so that the fruit trees in your garden are productive Be sure to choose fruit trees that are adapted to the climate of the region where you will plant it. They can provide you with that information in a nursery in your region. In Cobán you can approach Tres Marías Nursery and we will gladly assist you.

Take into account having a fertile soil, with good drainage, deep (more than 50 cm), with a lot of organic matter, without excess limestone and not saline. (You can investigate more about soil types.

It must be taken into account if the species or species chosen need pollinators or not. For example, the peach tree does not need them and can be planted as a solitary tree. Apple, pear, cherry and some plums should be placed next to one or more cultivars that bloom more or less at the same time and thus insects pollinate the flowers; If not, there will be no fruit.

It is best to buy fruit trees in nurseries specialized in these types of plants. In Vivero Tres Marías we advise you on the purchase of your fruit trees.

You must choose a good time for planting. If it comes in a pot or bag, it can be planted during the 12 months of the year, avoiding times of excessive cold or the heat of midsummer.

The place chosen to plant fruit trees should be sunny and wide. It must also be protected from the wind.
Make a hole of 50x50x50 cm; The bigger, the better.

Mix the extracted soil homogeneously with 4 or 5 kilos of well-made manure or compost. You can also contribute mineral fertilizers at the time of planting, but it is optional, the important thing to start is the organic fertilizer.

Before inserting the tree, stick a stake or tutor in the bottom of the hole to hold the fruit until it is rooted.
In the case of bare-rooted trees, before planting them, trim the bruised, broken or dried roots and highlight those that are too long.

Enter the tree and gradually fill in the enriched soil, affirming with the tip of the foot and the handle of the hoe so that air pockets do not form.

The tree should be at the depth it originally had, so that the graft point (recognized by a curvature of the stem) is between 5 or 15 cm above the surface, never buried.

Attach the trunk to the tutor with a soft and flexible plastic ligature and a sponge between the tree and the stake to avoid rubbing.

Finally, form a poceta or alcorque at the foot and water.

During the first 3 years it is advisable to keep the base clean of weeds and other plants, including grass, so that they do not compete for nutrients and soil water with fruit trees.

We hope that these tips help you to have beautiful fruit trees in the garden of your house or in the garden of your farm. Remember that during March and April we have fruit trees ready to sow in Tres Marías Nursery.

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