Sowing and keeping the grass always green is a matter of dedication and maintenance. Some basic tips we can offer you are:

Sow grass where the sun gives it directly.
Prepare the ground with the appropriate soil to sow grass.
Water every day before 9:00 am or after 6:00 pm.
Trim the grass every 15 days.
Provide credit to your grass every 45 days.
With these tips you will have an always green grass and a beautiful patio where you can share with your family or just relax watching how beautiful it will be.

The intense and bright green color, a good texture, resistance to footprints … are desirable characteristics for an optimal lawn in our garden, but it is complicated if not impossible to maintain them throughout the year.

Among the essential care to keep the lawn in the best possible conditions, is the cutting, fertilization and irrigation, the process begins with planting and at certain times, such as in the months of May and June when the rains begin .

The cut must be carried out with a periodicity that depends essentially on the growth, we must try not to cut too low to avoid damaging the yolks, with sharp tools to prevent them from starting, in a crossed way so as not to generate preference of growth in a sense and with care of Do not excessively compact the earth.

With regard to irrigation, it is important to maintain moisture in the soil, but without excess water that could rot or favor diseases, with all the frequency and amount of water that we must contribute depend on many different factors such as the type of grass and soil, the climatic conditions, the use of the garden …

Finally, fertilizers are very interesting in the case of grass, since being subjected to a continuous cutting process, with the subsequent regrowth, suffers a certain depletion of its nutrients, which we can contribute artificially to help maintain its strength and its brightness

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