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Our main product is the fresh seedless lemon also known as Persian lemon (Citrus latifolia), it is a fruit whose main characteristic is the production of juice with a high degree of acidity.

It is a product that has a dynamic demand in the local Guatemalan market, however the supply of Persian lemon fruit is greatly reduced during the dry season, due to the shortage of irrigation water in lemon cultivars. On the other hand, during the rainy season, the supply of the fruit is markedly increased, starting at the time of June to December of each year.

The national production of Persian lemon is distributed as follows: Santa Rosa (16%), Escuintla (17%), Sacatepéquez (11%), El Progreso (7%), Alta Verapaz (6%), Retalhuleu ( 11%), San Marcos (7%), and the other departments of the Republic add up the remaining (25%). (MAGA, 2016)

Persian lemon is used for fresh consumption, flavorings, essential oils and medicinal uses. The fruit has characteristics such as acidity, high content of vitamin C and minerals and is used in the food industry, (including desserts such as ice cream, cakes, food seasoning, infusions, soft drinks, etc.).

We currently have two presentations for two specific markets


A presentation of 18.1 Kg. In a cardboard box with sizes from 230 to 110 (units per box according to size)


Presentation of 4.5 Kg. With calibers from 36 to 60 (units per box according to their size)

We guarantee the quality of our product according to market regulations, the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, administrative controls and process technology.