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Quality assurance

The company’s processes and procedures to meet the requirements of the good manufacturing practices have documented to allow consistent application, facilitate training, and support due diligence in the production of a safe product.

Supplier approval procedure

The company have a documented supplier approval procedure to ensure that all suppliers of raw materials, including primary packaging, effectively manage risks to raw material quality and safety and are operating effective traceability processes.

Pesticide Use 

As a reliable supplier, we are aware of the legislation in respect to the control of pesticides, MRL’s (maximum residue levels) and food safety. 


The HACCP or food safety plan  is managed by a multi-disciplinary food safety team that includes those responsible for quality assurance, technical management, production operations, engineering and other relevant functions


As a result of these policies, and working together with our collaborators in December 2016, Tres Marías Green Export, S.A. obtained the GLOBALG.AP certification with scope to our production fields and process plant. The GLOBALG.AP Certification System consists of interlinked mechanisms whose objective is to guarantee the correct development, implementation, improvement, integrity, transparency and harmonization in the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices.


GGN: 4056186907097.